Water soluble hemp extract can be very hard to find these days, something which is a serious problem for consumers, as well as individuals that use hemp oil for all different sorts of personal reasons. People that work within the hemp oil industry have been trying to figure out how to end the hemp oil shortage for years, as well as trying to pinpoint the exact cause for the lack of hemp oil that is currently available. Despite expanded hemp growing efforts across the country, and even additional hemp farms opening in Asia and Europe, the hemp shortage seems not to be close to an end. A study recently published by www.biocbdplus.com has indicated the primary causes for the hemp shortage today, and perhaps this information will be of use for folks attempting to put an end to the hemp shortage.

The first and most pressing problem for people in the hemp oil industry today is that there is a shortage of hemp oil, and a good deal of that shortage can be traced back to the new markets which consume hemp oil, but which don’t produce it. Until recently the majority of countries which consumed large amounts of hemp oil were also the countries that produced the oil, but due to the worldwide popularity of hemp oil today, more countries are buying the product than making it. In recent years a lot of countries in South America have started using hemp oil for all sorts of products, but since there are no major hemp growers in South America, the added pressure placed on hemp makers in other parts of the world has contributed to the shortage. The fastest way to reduce the hemp shortage may be to start educating people in other parts of the world how they can cultivate their own hemp plants. The number of hemp consumers is only going to increase over time, so unless more countries step up their hemp production, the shortage will continue.

People that buy CBD oil online have probably noticed that the price has gone way up in recent years, and the price increase is due in part to the many cosmetic companies that have started using hemp oil in their products. Cosmetic products that have hemp oil in them are selling for lots of money these days, as new studies are being released which show the relation between hemp oil and skin and hair health. In fact, one out of every five new beauty products being made in the US today is made with hemp oil. Asia has just started making beauty products with hemp oil in them, and they have been tremendously popular so far, meaning that there will be even more demand for hemp oil in the near future. Many people use hemp oil as a dietary supplement, and for them the popularity of hemp oil in beauty products is a problem. If hemp oil producers find out how to produce purer oils with the same amount of hemp crops, the shortage for most hemp oil users may be solved.