Reasons Why You Should Choose Cremation

Cremation services are very popular these days. Many people are being cremated each year. Some people might also have no option but to be cremated because cremation is a common practice in their country. Cremation is also required in particular religions.

When you pass on, you might want to request your family to have you cremated. Aside from religious and customary reasons, here are some good intent why you must go for cremation instead of burial:

– Your family does not have to purchase the burial land – Cemeteries charge very high rates these days. In the US, the average burial land usually costs for about four thousand dollars. Of course, if you choose to be buried in a private cemetery, the burial land could cost about ten thousand dollars. Think of the money which will be spent on you. You are already dead and you will not benefit from being buried in a land. It would be a good thing if your family will not have to bother purchasing a burial land.

– Your family does not have to buy a casket – Do you know how expensive caskets are these days? A normal metal casket in most cases cost one thousand five hundred to two thousand dollars. Bronze and copper caskets are very expensive and they cost about ten thousand dollars. Of course, caskets that are made out of high quality wood can be costly as well. There are also caskets that are adorned with gold and precious jewels

– Your funeral will be a lot simpler – Some people think that the traditional funerals are too fancy. If you are one of those people, cremation will be beneficial to you. Your family will not have to spend too much for the funeral. They will not have to worry about expenses that are usually incurred in a traditional funeral. Typically, a cremation funeral does not last for a very long time. You might want your body to get cremated a few hours after your death.

– Your family could keep your ashes – Some people choose to keep the ashes of their deceased loved ones. If your ashes are kept in your house, your family will not have a hard time traveling to cemeteries. Rich families, especially those of Chinese ancestry, have a special structure in their property where ashes of their loved ones are kept.

– Disposition of your body could be solemn – When a person is buried, his body waits to rot in that particular spot at the cemetery. However, if you go for cremation, your ashes could be scattered in various places. For example, some people request that their ashes be scattered in the sea or their favorite lake. It is interesting to note that ancient seafarers wish that their remains be scattered in the sea. The scattering of the ashes is considered to be solemn funeral rites. These are some of the numerous intent why you must consider going for cremation. Think about these reasons so that you will be able to decide if you will be buried or cremated as your last wishes.