All About Storytelling Agencies

If you want to increase your sales, then you really have to work on your story-telling ability, even if you are not that good at telling one. This is one skill that you have to develop to ensure the success of your appointment setting efforts. You see, your prospects are people, and people respond to emotions.

Now, what can you do to appeal to the emotions of your sales leads prospects positively? You tell them a story. And it has to be the kind of story that compels them to buy or sign-up to your offers. Sounds hard? Not really, just try following the five essential stage of better storytelling:

Stage One: The Introduction – if this is a telemarketing call, then this is the part where you introduce yourself and tell your prospects about your business. You are setting the stage at this point, so you need to be clear and simple in what you say at the get-go.

Stage Two: The Problem – you present the problem that your prospect might be experiencing in their business. When done well, this can invite them to a positive reaction to you. Of course, this could backfire, since this is the part where a person’s vulnerability is exposed, and no one wants their weakness revealed by others, right?

Stage Three: The Development – assuming that the lead generation prospect has not yet shut their doors on you, this is the part where you point out the details of the problem, presenting arguments, and providing counter-arguments to your audience. You are now adding weight and substance to your offer, painting a picture of success for them, if they ever decide to do business with you, that is.

Stage Four: The Climax – this is the stage where the prospect has come to a decision. Depending on your presentation on the previous three stages, you can either get them to buy, or they reject your offer. Understand that this is the point where you ask for their business, without sounding too pushy or coercive. Remember, you want your prospects to decide for themselves whether they will accept you or not. This takes a little patience and nurturing before you can arrive at that desired point.

Stage Five: The Conclusion – delivery of goods, the performance of duties, providing services, etc. are just some of the things that can be seen in the final stage of your storytelling. This is where you drive your point home on why your business is unique, and why they are making the right decision to do business with you. This is also the part where you set the stage for another storytelling session again in the future. Think long-term on this: if you can please them in the first try, then they will be more likely to do business with you again in the future. It is an investment.

Storytelling need not be hard or complicated. Just be yourself, be honest, and be simple. That will help you well in your appointment setting campaigns.

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