Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What formats are you publishing?
A. We are currently producing ebooks in .prc, .lit, .html, .epub and .pdf formats. All newer files are available bundled in a zip file. Older files are being converted. Selected stories are also printed as paperbacks.

Q. What do I do if the eBook I purchased does not fully download?
A. You can attempt to download the file up to ten times. If, after the tenth time, you still cannot download the file? Contact help@torquerepress.com for assistance.

Q. What do I do if I do not receive the urls to download my ebooks?
A. Please contact help@torquerebooks.com and your ebooks will be sent to you. Periodically our autoresponder is interpreted as spam and blocked. This is particularly true with AOL users. Also, if you pay by mail order, your ebook will not download until your payment clears.

Q. Do I need any special software to read the eBooks?
A. The eBooks are one of five forms:
Adobe PDF are downloadable PDF files, which require a free reader which can be downloaded here. If you have purchased ebooks from us in the past, this was the file format you purchased.

Microsoft Reader ebooks are .lit files, which require a free reader which can be downloaded here. Please note — Mac OS users CANNOT view Microsoft Reader files.

Mobipocket ebooks are .prc files, used to read ebooks on a personal digital assistant. Mobipocket reader, a free reader to download on your pda can be downloaded here.

Epub ebooks are used mainly in ereaders — Sony, Kindle, COOL, Nook, softbook, etc.

HTML ebooks are web friendly files that should be compatible with any browser, such as Microsoft Explorer, Firefox or Safari. These files come zipped, and will require decompressing.

Q: Are the prices in your catalog US dollars?
A. Yes.If you need to convert currency, try xe.com.

Q: Can I mail in a check or money order?
A. Yes. Please choose check or money order as your payment option when you check out at our bookstore, at www.torquerebooks.com Your order will remain pending on your account until payment is received and has cleared. Then your books will be available on your account for download.

Q. Can I order a gift certificate?
A. Yes, you can order a gift certificate, here.

Q. Do you offer a distributor’s discount?
A. We do offer discounts for bulk purchases for distribution. Please contact kristi@torquerepress.com for information.

Q. Do you offer a librarian’s discount?
A. We do offer standard discounts for purchases for library lending. Please contact kristi@torquerepress.com for information.

Q. Do you donate books to charity?
A. We do have a certain amount of titles that we donate to charity annually. Please contact kristi@torquerepress.com for information.

Q. How can I contact my favorite Torquere Press authors?
A. Emails for Torquere Press authors sent to editor@torquerepress.com will be forwarded to the authors in question.

Q. Is there a place I can leave feedback about my experience?

Yeppers. Click here and feedback away!